Broadsheet CEO in Pakistan? British Court Decisions Against Sharif's | Sabir Shakir Analysis

Broadsheet’s claim about offer by Nawaz Sharif stirs controversy

Hussain Nawaz says Broadsheet case in UK was a failed

Broadsheet CEO claims Nawaz Sharif offered bribe to stop probe against his assets

Broadsheet case: UK Court of Justice exonerated us, says Nawaz

NAB is lying to the people of Pakistan: Broadsheet CEO

Broadsheet – UK firm chief claims money offered to halt probe into Nawaz Sharif’s Avenfield property

Nawaz Sharif offered bribe to stop investigation of his offshore assets

Exclusive: Broadsheet Lost Case Against Nawaz Sharif in UK High Court | Full Uncensored Report.

Sabir Shakir is renowned TV anchor journalist and columnist with more than 20 years of experience in print and electronic media.

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